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Seeing you've got your eyes on this page I will tell you about me!
I am a English guy who is really into activities that are tied to games and also the development of them. Furthermore, the reason why I am into the development of games is that I played games like LittleBigPlanet and Roblox. These games had fun level editors that got me into wanting to make games in genuine engines.

I have also done education tied to videogames as well as I wentto the Confetti Insititute of Technology in Nottingham and got a MMP in a level 3 game's course.

My game testing efforts are of independent action and I have been doing video and text feedback for a while now. Mychannel is basically like a portfolio that I have done on my own accord so I can show that I like testing gamesand it is a profession that I want to go into.

So yeah. That is a small bio on me. Also I have my CV here if you want to see a cool Wasteland/Fallout style CV before you finish on this page!


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